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  • About

    Dave Siegel (that's me) is a new media creative with a love of interactive storytelling and an eye towards the cinematic. Learn more...

  • Highlights

    • Web

      Front-end dev, with clean markup, utilizing modern technologies. Thoughtful interactivity, and OOP skills from the glory days of Flash.

    • Motion

      Bringing life to still designs through video compositing, animation, 3D modeling, and effects—everything from commercials to cat videos.

    • Graphics

      Stunning multimedia design and insightful branding, for digital screens and the printed page. Always unique, and always personal.

    • Direction

      Taking projects from concept to completion, and hitting the sweet spot with artistic voice, client satisfaction, and controlled budgets.

  • Trusted by

    Friends, big and small. Performing best in long-term partnerships.

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